Official Greek Shopper

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Help protect your organization’s trademarks by participating in the Official Greek Shopper Program and turn receipts into cash rewards!

As the official manager of your Greek organization's trademarks and licensing program, we welcome your assistance to help protect your history and heritage. By submitting receipts from sorority or fraternity product purchases you help confirm sales of Greek products, ensuring members of Greek life will continue receiving quality branded products that honor their organization's trademarks.

You can submit receipts from any sorority or fraternity branded item, whether purchased online or in store. Collect receipts from your friends or encourage them to become an Official Greek Shopper as well.

Answer our brief, 4 question report about the receipt’s purchase, and we’ll exchange your submission for OGS points which earn you cash!

How it works:
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Sign up to be an Official Greek Shopper and start receiving emails with point updates and extra opportunities to earn. Submit receipts for Greek products and answer a few questions about your purchase through our survey form. When you reach a new rewards level you'll receive your cash balance via Venmo.

Official Greek Shopper Rewards

Collect Points
Receipt Type OGS Points Earned
Chapter Order 5
Individual or Small Group Order 10
Redeem Rewards
OGS Points Cash Reward
50 $10
150 $30
250 $50

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